Spare. <br>Just wanted to mount the spare on my 93 Buick Roadmaster and discovered that the temp

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I had a 93 Buick Roadmaster and in case of an emergency I had to replace the tyre but after replacing the tyre I found out that the new temporary tyre is of small size, in fact it is 6 inches smaller in diameter as compared to the other tyres. I want to know that with that much difference will I be able to drive with this tyre upto 100 feet. Can you provide help on that?
Just wanted to mount the spare on my 93 Buick Road master and discovered that the temp tire is a good 6 inches smaller in diameter. I understand the narrower width but can you safely drive 100 feet with this kind of imbalance?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Tyres generally do have effect on the drive of the car and also on the proper road performance but the type and specification you are mentioning will not effect your car too much, although there will be slight harsh ride and might be some handling issues but you can safely drive it to some miles. There is another factor, if your car has independent wishbone suspension then this will not hurt your car and ride much. The concept here to understand is simple that by putting a small tyre on the vehicle you are unbalancing your car, so it is definitely not recommended in the long run. In case of emergency you can use for driving some miles. The best way is to match all the tyres of same size and specifications to obtain the optimum level of performance.
    As long as the differential isn't affected, it's OK. I'll bet your Roadmaster has an open diff, which means it doesn't care at all, unlike some of the newest AWD vehicles, where the computer senses very small differences and locks the differentials up.

    BTW be sure to regularly check the spare for proper inflation - I believe it's 60 psi.

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