Spare Tire Size Difference

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I drive a 4wd truck with 285-60-18 tires on it now. The spare is a 275-65-18. To my calculations the height difference is approximately 31.46 to 32.00 between the spare and the other tires. I am confused now, what to do and what not.

I want to run the spare on the non-drive axle without damage? In other words, can I drive it on the front with the truck in 2wd? Let me know if you have any useful information on spare tire size difference. Please help me in this regard.


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  1. John


    Yes it should work fine. But there are certain things to be kept in mind.

    Keep in your mind that a spare tire can only be used, driven on, from the time it is put on and driven right to a tire shop for repair replacement about a few miles drive time on a spare.
    You know modern cars come now from the factory with a space saver spare tire.

    However, I keep all tires, even the spare, and the same sizes. So just keep in mind there are some constraints while using a spare tire. You sound worried. If it bothers you, replace it. I hope your query has been answered now, still have something in your mind then do share with me. I am pleased to be of your help. Share anything which is related to spare tires. All tire related issues can be solved here and you can get the appropriate information.


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