Cycling Tracks in the South Island NZ

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hi, i need information about the Cycling Tracks in the South Island of NewZealand, thanks.

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  1. kate

    The list of few famous cycling tracks of the South Island NZ is given below:
     Mountain Bike Tracks in Dunedin City :Jubilee Park is an astonishing enjoyment which has safe and easy circuit with options for more challenging sections, so is perfect for those who are families and have more skills members I their group. It is ranked as a great walking and mountain bike track. The track is squalor and gravel and ranges in altitude from 80 - 120m.
     The "Silver Stream Water Race Track: this track offers an opportunity to explore history while experiencing beautiful nature. The tracks are colour coded and available in moderate to hard options. For the more enjoyment the 'Fat Tyre Trails' pamphlet: this track offers a variety of rides The tracks have a range of complexities and length of rides for those who are fairly fit to really fit with distances of 28km through to 70km.
     Signal Hill Reserve Mountain Biking Area: Signal Hill Reserve has tracks colour coded so that riders can choose from the range offered. Yellow markers represent easy tracks while the red marked tracks indicate hard grade and have too many challenges. Tracks may be straight or winding and can have several hurdles to negotiate for instance jumps or rocks. Some great steep tracks - a huge adrenalin rush for the fearless mountain biker! The tracks have surprising names that will inspire the active mountain biker such as the 'gut', 'dogleg', 'rollercoaster', the 'switchback' and the 'haggis basher'. Few other popular mountain bike tracks present in the Otago Peninsula are: Karetai Road, Buskin Road, Paradise Road, and Camp Road.

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