Can my son adopt ballet dance as a career?

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My son wants to adopt ballet dance as career and also dance with the Nutmeg Conservatory since he was 9 years old. Can someone tell me that it is good for it?

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  1. Judi

     Nutmeg is a great educational institution, and he is approaching NYC where there are so a lot good schools. John Magnus is running the educational institution now, and many of the complications they were having have smoothed out. My son, anybody whoever is dancing professionally in NY, went there. Michigan has a great dance program: Judy Rice and a Mr Qi pronounced Chee. University of Utah is stringed blended to Ballet West. There are others; the best way to judge is as you say via monitoring or taking team, the later is to teach anybody whoever is illustrating the program and anybody whoever is on the faculty.
    In my opinion, whether he is interested in pursuing a dance career, now is the time. He ought endeavor auditioning for everything and assume how he needs it. Maybe it won't be all he thought, or maybe approached than he thought, Studio companies, concert regions, Opera ballet, and everything. Well customary male dancers are routinely in demand. He can go to college at any time in his life; my husband began Chiropractic College at 45 subsequent a prolonged and interesting spokesman dance career. Many of the high ballet companies have career transitional education for the dancers.
    However, whether he has his heart set on being an architect, afterward he ought to follow his bliss. Of course you know that his best athletic days are from now until he is thirty-five or so, and four or five years without deadly training shall take much longer than that to generate up.

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