Some questions about Barry Manilow

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I keep reading Barry is g*y and then I come here and read the questions people ask. I came to know that Barry is not g*y. That's what I thought. It does not matter what I say to people on message boards and I guess it does not matter to some people he was once married to a woman. From what I read Barry does not seem g*y to me. Is Barry dating someone right now? I ask because I read many answers to this question so now I am really confused. Also someone asked on a message board what is Barry's favorite food and drink and I would like to know this answer myself. If you know the answer to this question I would like to know.

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  1. Harry

    Barry had his first marriage with his childhood love whose name Susan Deixler. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and after a period of less than two years, the long love relationship ended up in a divorce.. He has been involved with Linda in a relationship which went on to be as much as for over 30 years, but surprisingly, Barry and Linda never married each other. Besides, Barry and Roberta were good friends. However, they have been involved in compiling several projects together which have been quite successful. Now as far as the favourite food and drink of Barry is concerned, he does not eat red meat or is heavily into crabs. He loves almond ice cream and his favorite drink is water, although he enjoys the occasional glass of white wine. He is also partial to a snickers bar, roast chicken and shrimp cocktail.

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