Advantages of Solid cover over mesh cover of pool.

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I live in New Jersey and just installed an inground pool with raised spa. What are the advantages of a solid cover versus a mesh cover? The price difference is substantial.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Protecting you pool with the proper pool cover will help the swimming pool stay clean under any type of weather and under any type of condition when temperatures fluctuates. If the cover is placed on the pool during the winters , there will be very less chance of debris that falls into the pool, thus making it easier and usable for spring. There are two types of pool covers which are available for solid fabric or a mesh one.
    There are some covers which rest on the water during the winter months. Such type of pool cover are water filled and by the weight of water to hold it in place, especially if the pool area is windy. Some pool covers extend on to the pool deck and attach to hooks that are cemented on the side of the pool.
    The two main types of covers available are mesh and solid type. Solid cover for the pool is the best option if there is winter season and also solid pool cover protects the pool’s structure from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Solid cover also provides more protection to the pool while Mesh winter pool covers serve the purpose of keeping debris out of the pool but some new available mesh covers also protect ultraviolet protection as well.

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