Snake Massage: Slimy Slithering Snakes to Soothe your Senses!

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Snake Massage: Slimy Slithering Snakes to Soothe your Senses!

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  1. zarnigar
    One man’s weird and scary is another’s relaxing massaging session! That pretty much is what it looks like when you come across Barak’s Snake Spa in Talmei Elazar, northern Israel. If you want get a massage done by slimy snakes crawling all over our back and on your face, then you can just come up to Israel and you will not be charged anything beyond a simple $70. These non-venomous snakes are all pets of Ara Barak and the owner claims that the massage from the snakes is relieving and therapeutic. Ara saw that some of her friends found it very relieving when they held on to her pet snakes and so she started with the idea if Snake Massage. Now you would think no one would really walk in for something like that. But it is a weird little world and there are plenty of people who will spend $70 with ease to just claim that they have tried out something exotic. So the business is booming for now.

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