How to make a smoother ride?

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I am seeking a smoother ride on my SUV: Subaru Forester, 2001. I think the tires are Yokohama and they came with the car. Not many miles for a six year old car -- 21,000. 99% of my driving is on surface streets in Houston.

Do you think I might win a smoother ride with new shocks, struts or tires? Any suggestions or any guide you can provide me. I will be happy to know some interesting thing about smooth ride.


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  1. John


    I need to make a trial first. I would try the tires first, only than I can make any suggestions or recommendations. Not many miles but after 5 or 6 years tires start breaking down fast. The rubber continues to cure throughout the life of the tire. And as a result it gets harder and the belts start to separate causing a rough ride, which sounds very uncomfortable to me. Unless you do a lot of off roading I would go with an All Season passenger tire.

    I guess you must realize that SUVs are not designed for smooth riding but I would still like you to think about it. Monroe advertises its shocks and struts as offering a smoother ride and I am sure there are other brands to consider. I hope I have provided you some useful information, but still in need to make some experiments on my own to make a clear opinion, only than I can suggest you something.


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