Smoking toddlers?

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Does anyone else remember when newspapers used to post pictures like these?

The first two show the same girl, Patzy Grimmett. The second one shows Sonia Mae Everson. I love the comment on Sonias pic - Pediatrician says they won't hurt as long as she enjoys them !!!

This kind of thing was not uncommon 40-50 years ago. And the subjects did not die at young ages, either, in spite of what people would believe today. Maybe such early exposure gave the kids a built-in defense or tolerance or something?

In the old days, it was not unusual for a parent to give their kids an occasional puff. I met a mom in 1974 who had a baby girl. She started giving the baby puffs at 3 months old. I saw them again when the girl was about 18 months old, and she was an avid little smoker, inhaling and

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  1. ZZ

     No way any one should be allowed to spoil toddlers. The thing which is even more then harmful for the adult or even a young one is deadly for a toddler. 

    No one should be allowed to do so and if you find any one around you are at any place you should right away inform authorities about it. 
    Such culprits should be penalized for such an act. 
    Even animals provide toddlers with best of the meal then how can a human being give smoke the slow death to a toddler. Unbelievable and disgusting.  

  2. Guest6660
    Dunno what pics they are, and your question is cut short, but from what I've read, that's kinda messed up!!
  3. Guest3743
    I do share your in love of smoking cigarettes but I do not agree with all of your views of smoking.
  4. Guest4256
    interesting, i wonder if those girls are alive today and whether they still smoke.

    if your kid needed a light for her stogie would you give her one? i can't get over these parents! these kids seem to have their parents wrapped around their pinkies.
  5. Guest4065
    The picture links didn't work, but I think that giving babies (and children alike) puffs of cigarettes is sick and wrong. BUT, back in those days, smoking was the norm... They weren't aware of the dangers of it. I am not really sure of your question, but those are my two cents. :)
  6. Guest3961
    ur links dont work

  7. Guest9353
    What are you talking about on the pictures? Everytime I go it doesn't show any toddlers smoking
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