Smiths Enfield Mantel Clock. Smiths Enfield Mantel Clock; i got this from my father and would like

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Smiths Enfield Mantel Clock; i got this from my father and would like to find out how to work it?

how many times it should be wound
how often
what to do if it gains or loses time etc., and why there are two 'wind-up' points?

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  1. Guest28038699

    My clock is striking so many times on the hour and half hour sometimes over 20 times.  It stops every three days. Please help


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  2. Kelly K
    I can answer the question better if there is a photo of the clock but without seeing a photo of the clock it's difficult to answer it. I think its an 8-day clock, meaning that you wind it once a week. When you wind it, take your time and don't hurry: as sometimes the winding mechanism can jump off the ratchet and start spinning. This does not happen too often but it can happen occasionally on all wind up clocks. I can't tell you which direction to wind each arbor, because different clocks have different mechanisms. The one on the right is most commonly the time and the one of the left is for the strike. You want to wind it until you feel a definite increase in resistance. It is very hard to "overwind" a clock unless you really apply an excessive amount unneeded pressure.
  3. Guest207410
    If it's smith enfield and two winding holes it is likely that it will be like the gazzillion other smith enfields like it. It's a striking clock (as opposed to a chiming one that plays tunes every quarter hour) so only has two holes... one to wind the clock part, and one for the spring that powers the striking part. (If it had another hole that would be to power the chimes, but you say it doesnt have that). So you wind it once a week, slowly clockwise untill you cant wind it anymore. It's mechanical so you can expect it to loose or gain bits of time over the week, and thats nothing to be concerned about if its only a few mins in a week. You just put it right when you wind it. If its really fast or slow you'll have to fiddle with the brass s***w part on the pendulum. Unhook it and turn it left to move the weight down (and make it slower) and turn it right to move it up (and go faster). 1 half turn is supposed to make a difference of 5 mins in 24 hours. So thats about it I suppose. Keep it on a level surface looking pretty and keep it working. I heard the best way to look after a clock is to have it going... I suppose it makes sense... If we stopped moving and beating for any length of time we'd be a bit stiff and sluggish when we start to move again too! Hope that helps a little.

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