Smallest bone in human body?

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Smallest bone in human body?

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  1. ZZ

     The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes or stirrup bone located in the middle ear. it is approximately .11 inches(28 cm) long.

  2. Guest10055001
    edi elbow
  3. Mark Jones
    The ossicles (also called auditory ossicles) are the three smallest bones in the human body. They are contained within the middle ear space and serve to transmit sounds from the air to the fluid-filled labyrinth (cochlea).
  4. Rockstar
    Tongue does not have a bone!!
  5. Guest12502
    The smallest bone in the body is in your ear and is called the stirrup bone (stapes). It is only 0.25 to 0.33 cm long (0.10 to 0.13 in) and weighs only 1.98 to 4.3 mg.
  6. asim
    Don't know the names, but I think they are in the ear. I think I remember timpanum, hammer, conchlea but I am not 100% The timpanum/tympanum isn't a bone, it's the ear drum; the cochlea (no 'n') is again not a bone, but is in the ear. The 3 smallest bones in the body are in the middle ear: the malleus (also called the hammer), inca (anvil) & the smallest of all is the stapes (stirrup); together they're called the ossicles. I'm not sure what the 4th smallest bone is, but I think it could be somewhere in the tongue/throat region.

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