Small black tick-like bugs infesting the house

by Guest10476970  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Over the past couple days I've started to notice around the house a bunch of little black bugs that look like ticks, they just don't have any color variations. I kept thinking they were in fact ticks, but my mom said that they probably weren't since they can be squished. They apparently like corners and dark places.... I've found about 10 in just the bathroom alone today, most being in the tub or in the shower curtain. I need to know what they are and how to get rid of them; it's ridiculous how many I've seen/killed today. Thanks for any help!




  1. Guest28244733

     I have been searching for answers about a beetle like tick I pulled off my dog yesterday and then found another on my other dogs tongue today....the only difference is when I had the tweezers and squeezed to pull of the first one it popped and a black guey substance came out...and the one I took of the tongue had puss coming out. Both were biting the dogs and stuck to them like a tick. I looked at them under a microscope and they appeared to not have legs or wings but they did have a lighter color where the "head" was at least the part that was stuck to the dogs it seemed to be a head.....I have never seen these before and concerned since they are biting my dogs.....does anyone know what they are or come across them before????? I have a large piece of property that backs up to woods so my pups have brought many different things in before

  2. Guest28105175

    I have these small black beetle like bugs all over my deck and screens, I sprayed them and nothing seems to kill them, any ideas, please help, I hate these bugs


  3. Guest25085729

    Just bought 2 different bags of 17# birdseed from Lowe's - I opened the bags and put them in 2 separate 5-gallon containers with lids - looked in one and saw that the seeds were moving - looked in the other same thing- it was the little tick-looking like bugs - husband doesn't think they are ticks, but with 3 dogs, not taking any chances - putting the buckets out by the street for garbage pickup - Lowe's did refund my money, but they wouldn't look inside the bags - lol - still don't know what these bugs are....

  4. Guest23534663

    Their carpet bettles I live in an apartment and found one, thinking it was a bed bug I called the Orkin Man.  He took the bug back to their lab and called and told me it was a hide carpet Bettle.  I still think it was a tick, super gross makes my skin crawl.

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  6. Guest12797713
    I had some old birdseed in a storeroom that was in a plastic tub. It was crawling with these little black bugs. I put the seed into a plastic bag, along with the creepy-crawlies, and put it all in the trash. I hope this has gotten rid of the problem. Thank goodness the storeroom is far away from the house and garage! Hope the parts that I put in the far-away bird feeders don't now hurt the birds that eat it. Thanks for the discussion.
  7. Guest10783860
    Hey hopefully you have resolved your issue by now but in case you have not, I came upon this thread as i found a small black tick like bug crawling on my pant leg and was worried it was a species of deer tick or something. Realizing how it moved much faster then any deer tick and upon examining it closer i saw it had odd spidery legs. I researched up on the spider beetle and at first was skeptical as mine didn't match any color patterns I saw. The one crawling on me was completely black but I read their are over 400 varieties of spider beetle and saw several pictures of all black ones that matched the little guy that was on me. I squished him to see if he popped as you said and sure enough it did pop. I assume this is probabley what you have as this matches your description pretty well. Anyway best of luck! Chase
  8. Guest10769198
    Mine do not look the same as any of yours. I looked up the picture of spider beetle and this is not what I have. Nor does it have the same markings of all the rest. Tne ones we have hang around sinks and cat water dishes mostly and are the size of the top of a pen with legs, completely black and pop whwn you squish when you pop them. They absolutly are not stink bugs because we are very aware of what those look like but only get them very seldom. Nancy
  9. Guest10689489
    I believe my boyfriend and I are having the same issue as both of you. I found the culprit today which was an old bag of bird seeds under our sink. The bag was filled with the little black tick like bugs. We put the bag into a garbage bag and threw it out. I tried to find answers and the only thing that sounds like The answer is an insect call the spider beetle. Look through ur home for any dry food and see if that's what is infested. We also vacuumed the house and mopped while cleaning under the sink and spraying bug spray. Hope this helps! Good luck.
  10. Guest10618372
    I just moved into a new contruct house in Alaksa and I am having what sounds like the same problem, if you find out anything please post.. I am ded searching for answers also.

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