Where to find info about Movie Slitnis?

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A coworker of mine wants to find an old movie (1977-1979) called Slitnis (that is what he thinks it is). I have looked at a lot of web site and have found nothing on it. He told me that it is a scary movie that was really good.

I will ask him few some more details if you need it.

Thanks for your time,


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  1. John

    I am pretty sure he is thinking of \"Spawn of the Slithis\"(1978), because the original movies was Spawn of Slithis, than just Slithis. Here is the Internet Movie Database page on it and you can find all information related to this interesting movie. Go and check right now, as here you can get all info about the movie. Just follow the link. I have seen this movie it is quite interesting and watchable. No doubt, special effects of that time cannot be compared with the modern era, but still the movie rocks.

    Unfortunately I do not know where you can get it on DVD or even VHS. Anytime you are looking for this type of information, start with the IMDb. Go to and use one of the search boxes on the page. In this case you could have searched using the word you gave me, and the IMDb would suggest the right answer. It is a great resource, so be sure to bookmark it and consult it for any other query in future.

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