Slatzer and Marilyn any connection?

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I too have studied Marilyn and her photos for over 30 years. I have only seen one picture of her with Robert Slatzer. I happen to believe they were married very briefly and that they remained friends throughout Marilyns life. Have you seen more than the picture of them together featured in his book?


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  1. John


    Thank you for asking. There is no real proof that Marilyn was ever married to Robert Slatzer. If somebody is saying, then he is just telling an atrocity story. I had never heard such thing or news about her close relationship with him. Maybe they ever met, but there is no such thing like a deep relationship between them. So do not believe on them, who are telling you such baseless stories.

    A check signed by Marilyn herself exist that shows Marilyn was shopping at Jax department store in Los Angeles during that same weekend Slatzer claims they were married in Mexico. The only photos of Marilyn and Slatzer were taken while Marilyn was on Location for the film Niagara, summer of 1952. They appear like any other fan photo Marilyn often posed for.

    Slatzer claimed he was Marilyns best friend toward the end of her life and claims to have information told to no one else but him....doubtful because no person from Marilyns inner circle had ever heard of him before.

    I guess you are satisified now, as I have given you a good piece of information.

    It is widely believed that Slatzer was a con-m


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