Sky dining at The Jewel Box of mount Faber Singapore

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I got to Mount Faber Singapore by taking a "junk" out of Singapore. I enjoyed there a lot and want to go there again. But now I want to know about sky dining at The Jewel Box of mount Faber Singapore.

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  1. Guest22759292

    Sky Dining is available at The Jewel Box at Mount Faber. You can choose from the Diamond or Sapphire Set dinners available for purchase online at . Due to the overwhelming response on their Garden Sky Dining during Valentine's Day, they are also offering Garden Sky Dining as an option (limited cabins only) at a premium price. Sky Dining starts from 6pm so you can enjoy a view of the sunset and enjoy your dinner with the sky changing colors to dusk and then night. The experience is exclusive because the entire cabin is yours throughout the dinner. You don't need to share the cabin with someone you don't know.

  2. Travel Expert
    Sky Dining takes to new heights this Valentine's with 10 floral decorated cabins in three different themes – Alluring Lucent, Ravishing Pink, and Exquisite Scarlet - designed by award-winning florist - Fiore Dorato. Sip Kir Royale Champagne as live music serenades you while awaiting for your exquisite Garden Sky Dining experience. Enjoy a bottle of champagne with our compliments and also receive the award-winning Jewelry Box of mount Faber Singapore. Complete the red carpet experience by having an optional chauffeur-driven limousine from your doorstep to The Jewel Box. Talk to The Jewel Box of mount Faber Singapore's management if you’d like us to arrange something special for your wedding proposal or Valentine's Day celebration. For enquiries or booking of floral cabins, please call 6377 9688 or email

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