The Sirens of Greek Mythology.

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I want to know that what was the the motive behind the sirens of Greek mythology, luring the sailors to death on rocks. Did they happen to be some kind of devils of the agents of death in any way or its the way they have been projected by the people of that age?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    In Greek methodology Sirens were the representation of three dangerous bird women, who use to lure near the sailors , and there they use to sing song of their enchanting music. Roman poets have often used them and their songs on an island. Cliffs and rocks surrounded the whole area. According to Ovid, the Sirens might cause to Muse of the lower world. Although their songs were of unique style and they were very sweet to sing but they do feed negative energy like the forerunner of death and corruption. The term Siren then referred to an appeal which was very attractive and pleasant but the negative notion to it was to lead to bad result.
    Now there was lot of saying and written by The Ker as Siren. Although the effect was very beautiful and strange because it led to appeal to the Spirit but not to flesh. For the matter of the Siren song there was a false promise associated with them too and that promise was told by singing a song.
    The lyrics of the songs were like this
    Once the sailor who is wise man listens to his heart. It is also known about the pain that Greeks Trojans endured. It is basically referred to the plains of Troy which was a historic place and now it has become a fertile land.

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