Silverware marked Alaska, of value?

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Silverware marked Alaska, of value?

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  1. Guest20239236
    here a flatware marked alaska

  2. Guest13361424
    silverware stamped Solid Alaska Silver and underneath that it says National Silver Ware Co.
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, There is only British Silver which when hallmarked is really silver, many people find thereselves very disappointed when I tell them that their Nevada Silver is not solid but only plated and not really any value in Britain, unless you are a silver plated collector,of course, there is many good silver plated items about made by famous platers and then again we have Sheffield Plate which is silver on Copper where as Nevada silver is really just EPNS, Electro plated Nickel silver coated on a base metal. listed below is many to watch out for which arent the same as British hall marked silver,,All hallmarks for Britain can be found online , you can even buy books pocket sized that show hallmarks for all over Britain to help beware all that glitters isnt solid silver. Afghan Silver: another name for nickel silver. African Silver: a mark that was found on some English silverplated items 1850-1900. Alaska Metal: a trade name for a line of silverplated flatware that resembled sterling that was sold by Sears & Roebuck & Co from 1908-on. Albu Silver: a British manufacturer of plated-brass novelties, who used this mark starting in the 1880s. Alpacca, ALP, Alpacca Prima NS: other names for nickel silver, used as a trade names for Berndorf AG of Austria.It is now a generic term used by Germany,and Scandinavian Countries as well as Mexico. Aluminum Silver: the trade name for a non-silver alloy, used by Daniel & Arter of Birmingham,England. Argentium Argentine Plate: nickel silver. Argentum: nickel silver. Austrian Silver: nickel silver. Bengal Silver: another trade name for a non-silver alloy, used by Daniel & Arter of Birmingham,England.

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