What are the disadvantages of adopting a teen age child?

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If someone adopts a 14 year and up child, what if they have a family that they want to go live with once there 18? What will happen then? someone tell me the disadvantage of it?

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  1. Guest7916
    Yes, why shouldn't they be, they technically cannot live alone yet. Plus, what if there parents died for example why should they not be able to be adopted.

  2. Guest9524
    I think the greatest gift anyone can give is to give a child a chance to be a child, it doesnt matter at what age they were adopted. When theyre 18 thats a different story.
  3. Guest3782
    It is crucial to have a stable homelife during the teen years. If they have been deprived of that for the first 14 years, why deny them that when they're older? Most children leave home at 18, so what's the problem with them going to live with another family for a while, related or not? This family they want to live with would have had to give up parental rights before adoption became an issue.

    During the court proceedings for adoption, a child that age would probably be asked if they want to be adopted.
  4. Guest9025
    Yes they should. They are not adults until 18. At that time they can go do whatever they want. Adoption just provides a safe and loving place for them to be until they are ready to face the big world on their own.
  5. Guest5547
    Usually when you are 15yrs old a judge will listen to you and see if you are able to live with another family member. When you are 18 years old you are an adult and can live wherever you want, but I dont think its right for you to just up and leave your parents that adopted you, talk to them about it so they know how you feel.
  6. Guest3960
    Children of all ages have the right to be loved, even if they are 14. If they want to see their biological parents at that age and the parents are willing then that is ok as well.
  7. Guest1384
  8. Guest5553
    I don't see any reason why a teen ager can't be adopted.
  9. Guest5256
    Usually by the age of 14, children are asked if they want to be adopted. There are visits with the potential adoptive family and the child gets to "vote" whether or not they would be willing to be adopted by that family. Otherwise they will probably remain in the placement that they are currently in-usually foster care or residential treatment. At 18, unless they are in juvenile probation which can last until 21, they are free to succeed or fail, live on the streets or go to college, or whatever.
  10. Guest1953
    All children, regardless of age, deserve a loving family and home.
  11. Guest601
  12. Guest3303
    My wife and I are currently getting recertified to be foster parents so that we can adopt a 14 year old boy. My wife and her mother helped to raise this boy and his brother from 18 months to around 8 years old. He wants to be with us though. His mother has already voluntarily terminated her rights and he was taken away from his father. He doesn't want to live with either one. I think that any child who is adopted would eventually ask about his biological family, so you run the risk of any adopted child going to their family.

    I think all you have to do is show that teen that you will love and support them while giving them a loving stable home. They might want to reconnect with their family when they turn 18, but they will know that they will always have a home with you.
  13. Guest6317
    i don't think there's any reason why a teenager can't be adopted

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