Should i tell my boss that i am leaving office because of her?

by Guest1151  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I was originally gonna cuss her out on my last day (next thursday!!!!!!) but decided not to because it could pose as a problem for other jobs. should I tell her she sucks as a boss and im tired of her treating me like c**p? i won't say it like that. it'll be in a mature way, something like "you need to work on your people skills and try to improve them and learn to have more respect for others." or whatever. do you think I should?

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  1. Danial

    Yes, it is always good to provide a feedback to the employer you are leaving, but it should not be in agressive manner at all. Instead, you should tell this to them in very appropriate and professional manner, not simply by telling that what is wrong but also by suggesting that how things could be better. I hope they should appreciate it, rather than taking it negative!

  2. Guest5462
    Have you heard "Don't burn the bridge after crossing it"? You never know if, or when, you need her again.
  3. Guest7076
    Do you have a death wish? That is the wrong thing to do because you may need her for a reference or she could assist you later down the road. What if you go to work somewhere and things don't work out. If you cuss her out she will remember it and ruin your chance to seek a good paying job again. Don't do it.
  4. Guest1460
    No, now that you will be leaving in just a week, say nothing. You may need a reference one day. Don't sink your own ships ... so close to reaching their home port.. I mean don't destroy all chances now that you are going to be out of there in less than a week and never have to see her again. You have to stay professional and when you leave you say goodbye before you go and to your colleagues.. like a mature person would do.. just because in the future you might need to give this womans name as a reference and if you say negative stuff, that will backfire so don't do this now that you are so close to never seeing her again..xx
  5. Guest6939
    Think for a moment about what a confrontation would get you. It might make you feel better for the moment, but what about afterward? Do you really think she is going to learn anything or change for the better? Most likely she is just going to write you off as a jerk. If you absolutely can't live with yourself without standing up to her, then you are better off just excluding that job from your resume altogether. Once you settle into your new job, you should feel much better. It's going to matter a year from now whether you stood up to her or not, so why bother?

    So I would say its probably not worth it. You don't really want to waste another second of your time dealing with her if you don't have to, do you? Wouldn't it be better to just put all that c**p behind you and never look back?

    For me, I would think that it would be enough to leave the job and get her out of your life for good.
  6. Guest8796 would hurt your boss so much and nothing good will happen./..but if you cannot really take it anymore, tell it in a nice way..the reason is to have a good relationship not to blame him.
  7. Guest8974
    You always do as a professional.

    If you can say as a professional advise to a another professional without getting emotional, that'll be fine.
  8. Guest598
    Treat her well, overall she is your boos & boss is always right its a slogan of a customer service industry. She is professionally sound and if you observe that in some cases more ginus than genius your point of view in such a way that due respect being a boss at any degree should be maintained and she should not feel deragatroy. She should always be respectful for her subordinate too. you are correct, in the mean time instead to create more problem, better to look another job and say good bye. You cant keep tense relation with the existing employer as it becomes as source for your next journey. When you job new company HR will obtain confirmation from your old emloyer so

    be patient and leave the job in harmoney.
  9. Guest4593
    No, I wouldn't say anything to her. Most companies have an exit interview and it is then that you can express your good and bad points about the company, etc.

    But, be careful how you say it -- it could look to be that you have some revenge plot against her.

  10. Guest3441
    Mike, best left unsaid trust me. You have no idea how small this world is. To sabotage all the time and effort you put into this job by sullying it with trying to repair someone else's lack of people skills.... is so not worth it.

    You need recommendations when you go to get your new job and people talk trust me. Leave with a smile and a thank you and walk.
  11. Guest950
    I would tell the boss as nicely as possible. I have heard that when you go on to a new job, the old job can only state that you did indeed worked there and what dates you worked there, and that's all they can say.
  12. Guest6973
    Did you ever hear of "last impressions."? Well, if you ever need her for a reference, thats what she'll remember.

    If the company has an exit interview thay ask you to complete, and most company's do, use this to express your dis-satisfaction with her

    poor people skills. But in reality, she might not really be the problem, it could be her boss or your ultra-sensitivity, or some combination of both.

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