Should boys wear shorts to school during the entire school year even in cold weather climates?

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Should boys wear shorts to school during the entire school year even in cold weather climates?

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  1. Guest28260140

    From experience I say yes, because having bare legs just feels so good, and s**y - why do you thnk girls are always in the shortest skirts or shorts  they can get away with?. When I was 12 my father was posted to an RAF base in the Mediterranean and I went to the forces school on the base. Winter uniform included (compulsory) grey shorts up to third form, about 14 years old, summer uniform (also compulsory for all ages) khaki cotton shorts. Girls of course were always in short mini skirts for winter, or a one piece very short cotton shift for summer. Both shorts and skirts were required to be short by modern standards, about mid thigh, but mostly we wore them a deal shorter!  There were no complaints at all!

  2. Guest28168957

    I had to wear shorts up to the end of third form, I was just 2 months off 15 by the end of that school year. The style of shorts by the late 1960's was short by modern standards, and as I was always among the oldest and tallest in the class they looked even shorter on me.  As all boys wore much the same, and I think that like me most of us enjoyed wearing them even in winter,  there was never any pressure to look otherwise. The girls seemed to appreciate it as well, some memorable experiences taking girls to the cinema while still in school shorts, don't remeber anything of the films though!

  3. Guest28114695

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  4. Guest28093772

    Up to around 1965 many boys wore short trousers in first and sometimes second year of secondary school. This was seen as normal and many shops still stocked boys suits with short trousers up to about 11 years old. Since they also wore long socks up to knees there did not seem a problem with being cold. Many schools in New Zealnd still require this uniform and there are even lined and thicker winter shorts. If the shorts are the correct size and worn with long socks they can look quite smart. For some reason now even many little boys in UK have stopped wearing short trousers at school even during the summer. Making a demarcation between children and adults can be advantageous.

  5. Guest28058023

    Thanks, I have just been looking for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I have found out till now.

  6. Guest28057917

    i see no reason why boys should not wear shorts all year.if they are active they will not feel the cold of winter.and many boys take pride in the fact that they do.

  7. Guest20371163
    Yes - boys should be toughened by wearing short shorts all over the year! My personal experience is very positive. Till to the age of about 11 my parents ordered me and my brother to wear short German lederhosen from beginning of March to end of November. Since I was proud to show my bare legs even in icy winter and stood the cold I later on deceased to wear short shorts allover the year. Thomas
  8. Guest19916559
    Yes. Shorts on boys look extremely smart.
  9. Guest19459217
    No.I don't believe boys should suffer the indignity of wearing shorts all the year round.Subjecting boys to the cold elements simply to toughen them in unnecessary.I certainly did not beefit from this enforced endurance which was enforced by my parents and at school as a mandatory uniform requirement.To keep boys in short pants to make look like boys is another reason not to continue this anachronistic convention.
  10. Guest19163331
    It used to be the convention that boys up to the age of at least 11, wore shorts, both at school and for general wear - irrespective of the weather. This was really a social division between children and adults, created by the Victorian middle-class. After 11 years old, trousers were the convention and shorts only worn for exercise and general leisure. However in hot climates boys wore shorts throughout their school education, at all levels. It was practical because of the heat. Adults also wore shorts for the same reason. Schools can be very strict about dress codes, and the British Public Schools hold on to these traditions. The Christ's Hospital School still uses an eighteenth century style uniform, and Eton and Harrow use a nineteenth century gentleman's uniform.
  11. Guest19134046
    Yes, I am very much the opinion that schoolboys should be in shorts the year round summer and winter. It helps them to feel their environment as they are more sensible for it. It is healthy and good for toughening. When it is cold and uncomportable they learn not to serch for the first best solution, but to stand the situation. This is good for charakter building. To be in shorts shows them that they are still boys and not adults.
  12. Guest13095955
    Yes! They look really great and they'll remember they're boys, and play a lot and get exercise, which will keep them healthy.

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