Should appulous be donation base

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Should appulous be donation base? it worked very well for wikipedia but the appulous guys have a different take:

Legally and morally, I will not charge for access to Appulous no matter what words you use to spin it. Aside from that, though, the above answer still applies. Checking for donator status is just as heavy as anything else.

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Appulous is popular. So popular that the sheer number of hits we get every second are enough to kill our server. So even though almost 3 million people come here a day, very few people are actually getting through. So we're moving. We're in the process of getting more servers to split up the load, making Appulous crazy fast again. But that kind of setup doesn't appear overnight, and we need to do SOMETHING until then. Introducing the troll bridge. In order to get in, You have to answer the question. It's that simple. If you're at all involved in the scene, the question should be ridiculously simple to answer. If the only thing you have to do with the scene is leeching from Appulous... well then it's not as easy. Go research if you want in that badly ;-)

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