Should Sri Lanka have played Vaas and Mendis?

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Had the result of world cup 2011 final been different if Sri Lanka had played with Chaminda Vaas and Ajantha Mendis?

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  1. ZZ

     It would not make much of the difference at the end. India were in total outstanding form and their bating couch from South Africa made things really tough for the players of the team during the couching sessions. 

    Vaas and Mendis are no doubt among the best bowlers of world but this time India were there with full preparation and homework needed to gain the title of the number one in the world. 
    The day of final was only for India and they deserve to be the champions of the world. 
    Thou India were not very much strong in the bowling line up but through bating they have proved that a solid batting line can win a world cup.
    For Sri-Lanka it was not there luck working there with them or the struggle or hard work in comparison with the Indian team is bit lesser you can say other wise they were also dying to be the world champions.

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