Should Ricky Ponting continue to captain Australia after losing world cup 2011 quarter final ?

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After Australia lost Ashes series against England, there have been question marks over Ponting's captaincy if he should continue as a captain or not?

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  1. Guest23125894

    Yes definately Cricket is a game of Winning and Loosing if its true than He should continue as a Captain. If Ricky Pointing should leave the Captainship than same way MS Dhoni should also as He has lost more matches than Ricky Pointing has and still MS Dhoni is not performing on ground nor playing a part aof Captain. Due to which no ones sure abt any matches played by Indians whether they are going to win or loose.

  2. ZZ

     Well my brother Harry Australian's are the one who are the most perfect players in the world in terms of fitness specially. 

    Australian do not select any one on their previous performance. If the player is fit to play and is among the top ranked player in domestic cricket of Australia then he is selected in Team. 
    So Ricky Pointing is Captain of Australian team not because he has won two world cups for Australia but because of the fact that he perform well and lead the team from the front. 
    Like in the quarter -final match 2011 world cup non of the batsman was able to stay on wicket and add runs to the score board but Pointing had a great knock of 100. 
    So I think that he should be stayed in the team as captain as long as he perform well.
  3. Harry

    If Ricky Ponting steps down or is forced to step down as a captain, this may turn out to be disastrous for Australian Cricket. The captain replacing Ponting will be under a lot of pressure as he would be replacing the most successful captain ever in the history of Australian Cricket. It would be better for Cricket Australia to continue with the twice world cup winning captain for sometime.

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