Should Ponting or Haddin be fined by ICC on the rude behaviour in match against Pakistan?

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After putting up such a rude behaviour, is there a possibility of Ricky Ponting and Brad Haddin getting fined by the ICC?

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  1. Harry

    Unlike soccer, rugby and other such games, cricket is supposed to be a lot more sophisticated. As per the norms of Cricket it is a Gentlemen's game. This means that it is to be played with patience, manners and maturity. It was seen in Australia's last World Cup match against Pakistan which they lost, some pushing and harsh words said by the Aussie wick keeper Brad Haddin well supported by his captain who denied walking after giving a big edge to Kamran Akmal. Such type a behaviour is well and truly against the norms of Cricket and strict actions should be taken against the violators.

  2. Sash

     Yes I think that Ricky Ponting or Haddin should be fined by the ICC as they have displayed poor code of conduct in their game with Pakistan on Saturday when Pakistan won against Australia by four wickets and brought to an end Australia’s 34-match unbeaten run at the World Cup.
    Ricky Ponting’s behavior is unacceptable at the match when Ponting, during his play with Brad Haddin, refused to walk away despite the fact that everyone except the umpire realized he had been caught behind.

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