Should Notice the Installation of Sand Maker

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Should Notice the Installation of Sand Maker

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     The sand maker, also known as sand making machine, has replaced traditional equipment, such as the hammer crusher, roll crusher, rod mill, etc. Artificial sand maker proves to be the most essential equipment in the artificial sand making industry. On the other hand, there are a lot of high-rise buildings and a number of key projects in the field of construction, unfortunately, we fail to provide enough natural sand. Thus, Sand maker is now playing a more and more important role in engineering construction, almost every construction projects will not go smoothly without the machine.

    Due to the constant increase of domestic economy, China pays more and more attention to infrastructure construction. With the fast development of high-speed railway, highway, water conservancy, bridges and urban and rural improvement projects, these infrastructure construction projects boost the fast progress of sand maker, and make sand making machine have more and more important role in mineral field. Meanwhile, sand maker also get reasonable application in mines, sandstone plants, refractory materials industry, metallurgy industry and other fields. From the above contents, we can say the domestic infrastructure construction can not do without sand maker equipments.


    There are also some points that should be paid attention to during the installation of sand crusher. When the crusher works, it vibrates greatly. Therefore, we should install the crusher on the concrete base. In order to reduce vibration and noise and minimize the effects on neighboring buildings, add some board or rubber plate between sand maker and concrete base. Besides, attach a metal plate to the discharge trough of the base with some angle, so as to make the materials discharged smoothly. And the size of discharge trough should be adjusted according to the discharged materials’ sizes. During the adjustment, loosen the T-bolt and tighten the spring. Use jack bolt to adjust seat, insert in or pull out bolt washer with the same thickness, and then pull back the jack bolt. Under the influence of gravity, the moving jaw makes adjusting seat cling to the frame, and makes the washers pressed close. After this, adjust the spring according to the pressure to ensure the thrust plate and washer can be close when the crusher works.

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