Should Maryland State Trooper Dale Derr still be on the force after killing a pedestrian?

by Guest15260661  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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He killed a pedestrian in November 2006 while traveling to the barracks to do paper work going 83 mph in a 55 zone with no sirens or flashing lights. He is also currently being sued for assualting the victims brother almost two years later and still writes speeding tickets. He has also lied on one speeding ticket affidavit and also lied in court about it.

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  1. Guest27872660

    amazing... I just received a ticket today from HIM for doing 83 in a 65.. what a coincidence!!

  2. Guest20298964
    This could have happened to anyone driving on that road that night. Unfortunately it was Dale. A lot of people speed everyday and nothing happens. It is not however common to have a drunk man run out in to the middle of the road. This incident could have happened to anyone.

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