Should Karachi be a separate province?

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Shahbaz Sharif in his interview said that Karachi should also be made a separate province. What would you think should Karachi be a separate province.

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  1. ZZ

     Dividing provinces is not by any means a bad idea specially in Pakistan. The current situation of Pakistan is in such a pathetic condition that small provinces are to be made on urgent bases. 

    This division is very much needed for the betterment and for stronger Pakistan. If any area with proper support from people living over there wants to separate and want to work their own ways so they should be allowed. 
    This will help Pakistan progress more efficiently and then the provinces might be in some sort of race to show their province better than the other and this way Pakistan will be stabilized.
    But the statement which Shahbaz Sharif in his interview said that Karachi should be made a separate province is totally wrong. People of Karachi are responsible for any cause that should lead such statements not some one who is not even from Karachi. 
    If no one from inside Karachi is giving such a statement then why Shahbaz Sharif gave such statement. 
    These days talks about division of province Punjab are among the hot issues in Pakistan. so just to divert focus of Pakistani's from the main issue towards other direction and to divert the attention of other parties off from the point of division of Punjab. 
    But as a Pakistani i will never support any thing which is on race bases like the division of Punjab is on racial grounds which should be stopped through any mean. Provinces are separated on their Geographical structure and available resources. Not on the bases that our race is different. These things are only the acts which the present government is trying to help out them selves for the next coming elections. 
    Any ways things should be clear and if i am by any means wrong then do let me know. You might help me with new or better opinion.      

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