Should I use business plan software?

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I am going to make my first Business plan should I use business plan software? Please someone help me for this?

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  1. Business Analyst
    Business plan software can help you organize your plan and guide you through the process. The big cautionary note here is that many bankers and investors will know a "canned" business plan which often lack originality and much thought. Think of your potential audience and decide from there. There are many excellent software products available on the market. If you do use one, base your selection on the following: • Ease-Of-Use: With limited time, a busy business owner will need software that is easy to set-up and use the available templates and wizards. • Industry Templates: The business plan software should offer templates for your business type and allow you to edit these features for a customized look. • System Requirements: The current software version available should be compatible with your computer system. • Data Input: If you are using a financial program, can you directly input your data into the business plan program? • Support: Determine the level of support available for problems or questions that may arise when using the business plan software. • Collaboration: Does the business plan software have collaborative abilities if you are having multiple team members or outside consultant's work on the plan?

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