Should I import air conditioner to Pakistan or buy from local market?

by Guest23121955  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I have to get 15 air conditioners installed in my newly built house and was thinking if I should import. I am kind of new here and do not know the electronic markets so cannot go to check which brand is good and which is cost effective etc, so was thinking if importing ACs can save my money or time. What do you think, should I import or buy from local market here in Pakistan?

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  1. Ken French

    I think for air conditioner hire local markets will be a better option. As i too went for the local market option & trust me i had to pay no bond fee, no delivery fee and no application fee. So what better & more good i could think of, they accept payments from debit cards as well.

  2. Danial

    Once imported air conditioners and other electronics was a rising trend in Pakistan and in fact it was good from quality perspective maybe, but as now there are too many local companies manufacturing air conditioners and these are of international standards too, so buying from local markets is better now.
    Yes, you may be thinking that since, you have to get ACs in bulk so importing might be cost effective, but let me tell you the truth about import duties applied in recent years. They together double the prices almost, so on importing you don’t get any benefit but panic.
    By the way there are some really good AC manufacturers in Pakistan, i.e. General, Kenwood, Mitsubishi, GREE etc. While having the international standards of these brands you do not need to look into any other imported items I think!

  3. Xpert

    You should but air conditioners from local market in pakistan, Because importing the air conditioners from other countries would be pretty expensive. That might cause you a double amount.

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