Shopping in Jakarta Indonesia

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My girlfriend is searching about some details on Shopping in Jakarta Indonesia, any help please?

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    Jakarta Indonesia is something of a retail paradise, albeit a frenzied and sometimes confusing one for the uninitiated. The city boasts a number of big air-conditioned malls such as Plaza Indonesia, Jalan Thamrin, and Plaza Seneyan, Jalan Asia Afrika, the former home to the big global fashion designer names. Electrical goods are often a good buy with both international and domestic brands, though be wary of cheap copies, which will not carry proper international guarantees. DVDs often come in at knockdown prices. For the experience alone the flea market at Jalan Surabaya in Menteng is hard to beat with a range of souvenirs such as batiks, brass work and wooden carvings amongst the most popular items. Shop opening hours can be quite loose, but proper shops as such generally open Monday to Friday 0800-1700 and then 0800-1200 or later at weekends. Malls tend to operate longer hours.

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