How to tie ribbons for ballet slipper

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Hello, I was wondering how wide ribbons should be on ballet slippers? My pair are leather and size 5 1/2? Any help appreciated, thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    Put ballet slipper's onto each foot. (It doesnt matter whether you are wearing toe shoes or flats).
    Ribbons should already be sewn into you shoes (one onto each side of ankle.) Put a tape within each hand (you should possess one onto each side of your foot). Make sure the ribbons are straight and that there are not any knots.
    It depends onto whereas your ribbons are sewn into your slipper you either initiate criss-crossing the ribbons within the front or back of ankle. You shall criss-cross from front towards back, and earn sure it's not too tight.
    Continue towards criss-cross tape round ankle until you possess approximately 2or three inches left.
    Tie remaining tape into a tight replicate not and tuck within towards ribbon. It should glance pretty and feel tight adequate that you can move your ankle round comfortably without pain.


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