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politics - Sometimes things go on in the government that we never hear about and that is exactly what happened on July 17, 2007 when President Bush signed two executive orders allowing the Secretary of the Treasury in consultation with the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense to seize the assets of any US citizen or organization that poses a risk to US operations in Iraq. “...there need be no prior notice of listing or determination”

Many feel that this order would allow the government to confiscate the assets of anyone who protests against the war. A second order was then signed, only this time it was supporting Lebanon. One news report stated the following, “Vaguely written and dangerously open to broad interpretation, this unconstitutional order allows for the arbitrary targeting of any American for dispossession of all belongings and demands ostracism from society.

Bruce Fein, a constitutional lawyer and former Justice Department official in the Reagan administration says of the order, "This is so sweeping it’s staggering. I have never seen anything so broad. It expands beyond terrorism, beyond seeking to use violence or the threat of violence to cower or intimidate a population.”

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