Why there is Shine on the highway?

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When you travel on a long road on a long sunny day, you see images of water and waves on the far side of the road, in fact there is no water , what is the reason behind this?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Sometimes you see water on the far side of the road , in fact its just an illusion, the reason behind this illusion is the mirage. Mirage is known as optical phenomenon which occurs in a distant object and it causes to produce a displaced image of object and sky. The Mirage is a real optical phenomenon which can be captured on the tape.
    There is following principle on which Mirage works. Cold air is denser than the warm air and it has a greater refractive index. And as light passes from colder air and travels to the warm air the light rays bend from their path and they change their direction of temperature gradient. On the other hand when light rays pass from hotter to colder, then they bend to the direction of the gradient. If the air near the ground is warmer than the air in the higher up, the light rays then change direction in upward trajectory. When these light rays reach the viewers eye , the result is a formation of visual cortex and it makes a perfect line of sight, but this line of path is tangent to the path of ray that reaches the eye. This results in creating inferior image of the sky. Thus viewer must see the image of water which is reflecting the sky.

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