What is the religion of Shermanites?

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I need to know about the Shermanite Religion... Please help me. No one seems to know what it is about.

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  1. Guest28448786

     Spent far too much of my life in the cult . It took a very long time to figure it out because they work on you for years before you’ll realize exactly what’s up. They are DEVISIVE and love to separate families. ALIENATING children against parents and husband against wife. Any way you can be broken. They don’t even care if you’ll go down easy or not. They take their time. It’s just a narcissistic gene pool over there!

  2. Guest28435245

     I joined that church. I did leave they told me I was visiting ppl out side the church to much. I think they love God and thier members. I was never asked for money out side of regular tithes. 

    I don’t think it’s a cult. They love each other and are a caring community. I do think they live by some parts of old law. Jusus died for us all and we don’t have to live by the old law.

    Words against them really hurt my heart. If you don’t want to worship with them that’s fine. They don’t need to be  ridiculed .




  3. Guest28343746
    There %100 percent a cult, I know from experience, My children and I WERE in this so called God worshipping church (cult) in my opinion,i was a single father on probation , and worked for a carpentry company "MORROW is last name ,he live next door to the carpet cleaning company on garlock rd., this morrow tried to get me for months to give him all I had ,includeing my paid off house, and when I didn't he would threaten to tell my probation I was doing bad things and had an anger problem , and he did call them ,this went on for months of being pressured to give up all I owned,saying the church would take care me. BEWARE OF THIS CULT, as I have read in other reviews, they are correct in there mafia,cult like behavior.
  4. Guest28136362

     I believe they are involved in organized stalking.  Google gangstalking ,- it is serious and a crime.  NOT Christian.

  5. Guest22757871

    Born and raised one girls to ever leave...Please contact me asap!

  6. Guest22641109

    Cult Alert

    The Church at Carson City Michigan

    (Shermanites) is a very dangerous cult!


    Very Hard to detect unless you are looking from outside the box they try to put you in.

    * Home


    Here we will post the stories of people who joined the

    Church of Carson City Michigan thinking it was a church of

    God fearing people and turned out to be a church of Man

    fearing people. Keep your kids out of their mind

    controlling school or they will turn on you or the cult will

    take them away from you. here is the link to their school

    website. Fish Creek School

    If they don't get your Kids they will get your spouse and

    your mirage will be history, either way they will get you to

    h**l sooner or later, they will try their best to make your

    life hellish, so please please please STAY AWAY!

    And if you are already trapped, please trust us and we will

    do our best to help you out of this dictatorship back into

    the Liberty the King of kings and Lord of lords Jesus Christ

    Son of God died on the Cross to give you as an eternal gift.

    The way they operate is very simple thugh, it is called

    conning people into enslavement.

    The two "elders" in control own a business called

    Discount Tire & Battery

    They would find their prays which are usually people who

    are disadvantaged in life by being illiterate not very

    smart or don't have any friends or have just been out of a

    broken heart relationship, or just got out of prison. And

    they would test these people by using the scripture, and

    they would accept them if they are controllable, i.e. do

    challenge them or question what they say. This indicates to

    them that they can take advantage of the person by either

    using him in working for them at the stores for pennies or

    use his/her for making babies to enlarge their

    kingdom/dynasty. Beware: Now they are looking for

    non-white people as they have are trying to overcome a

    genetic problem since they are all intermarried and

    overtime this can be a problem. So they will use your genes

    and then maybe leave you all alone standing outside your

    own house in the cold until you die of cold but you still

    stand there hoping you get a glimpse of your children.

    Now they are scrambling to adopt children for that reason

    too. They also own a quilt shop in Carson City hoping

    they could make it grow so the woman they managed to get

    divorced can work there to support them selves. It is all

    well planned and once they catch by their hook it is very

    hard to break out. Thank God we were letting the scripture

    talk to us by the guidance of the Holly Spirit and test

    everything they teach.

    There is much more we learned about them.

    If you have any questions/stories please send

    them to

  7. Guest22581858

     I was born and raised there. If you'd like information about that cult I can give you some. 

    Email []

  8. Guest22544477

    I just left this cult after 15 months of analysing is a dangerous cult....very hard to figure....but by Jesus help and the guidance of the holly spirit the deceptions got revieled because the truth shall prevail! I am planning to write a book or a website just for this cult....

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