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I am not a good SEO expert, so I need to know the basic and some professional tips and guidelines to rank my website in better place, please share your ideas!

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  1. SEO Expert
    The Meta description tag is usually displayed beneath the title tag in search engine results. Having a good tag can increase your search engine rankings and get more people to click on your listing and visit your website. Follow these 5 guidelines and watch your traffic increase. 1. Make it informative and persuasive: This is your chance to convince the user to click your listing. You want to accurately describe what your site is about, what is on offer, and do this in fewer than 150 characters! You need to keep it relevant to your target keyword, and expand on that keyword to convince the searcher that your website has what they are looking for. 2. Do not repeat the title tag: As the Meta description is shown directly underneath the title tag, you should avoid repeating exactly the same thing. Keep it related, but avoid repetition. It is always useful to use the Meta description to expand upon what is listed in the title tag. Remember that the searcher has already read your title tag, and is now looking for that extra bit of information to persuade them to visit your site. 3. Make it keyword rich: The Meta description plays a part in your overall search rankings. You should be sure to include your target keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing. 4. Make it unique: Each page on your website should have a unique Meta description tag. It should reflect what content is on that specific page, rather than what content is on the site as a whole. 5. Test several different tags: You should test different descriptions to see which one results in the best click through rate. Never just put up one and stick with it. Try several different tags over the course of a couple of months, and record your search engine traffic. Analyze the statistics, and choose whichever description gave the highest click through numbers.

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