Share some tips to optimize the Meta description Tag.

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As Meta description tag is the important factor in the website to get higher search engine rankings, so I need few tips to optimize the Meta description Tag.

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    It is an important tag that you should consider seriously because it will be displayed in the search results. • It should describe what exactly the page all about is. • Don't stuff keywords but write the content for human eye. • Each page should have unique Meta description with keyword phrases included in it. • Keep the Meta description tag length between 150 - 160 characters. Because anything more than that will cut off in the search result. • If you have already developed your site with title tag more than 160 characters then evaluate if the keywords are covered with-in 160 characters or not. If any keywords are placed after 160 characters then you need to fix it else you can ignore. It will not affect your SEO. • Do not repeat same sentences and keywords which are already covered in Title tag. • Display the fact of the content that is not covered in the Title tag. • Dynamic websites that generate single description for all pages need to figure out alternative for it or any plug-in to create Meta descriptions for each page.

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