Sewing Machine Depreciation and Blue Book Value

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Sewing Machine Depreciation and Blue Book Value. i wish good morning to everyone.  A very good friend of mine who was an avid sewer passed away 4 years ago.  She had a Viking 1 bought 1997 and a Viking Designer 1 (bought 2002).  Now (January 2011), her family is willing to sell the machines to me.  I am not familiar with the depreciation value of sewing machines, but was wondering how much should I offer.  Thanks for your time and consideration.  

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  1. Guest28263363
    a moving company damaged my singer 2001 machine...very dear to me as I learned to sew on this machine. How can I find value as they will have to buy me a new machine. I paid $750.00 new Thanks

  2. Guest27566316

    I have a 1889 westinghouse new home sewing machine that is in a cabinet and i would like to know its value

  3. Guest24786200

    I have a 1968-70 singer delux touch and sew with zig zag stitching. It folds down into a two drawer table and I would say it is in A1 to mint condition. any thoughts on value?

  4. Guest23296630

    I have an old singer sewing machine in a 4 drawer cabinet - does anyone know the vintage of  the model G3872654  Jan

  5. Guest23227454

    I have a Elna 6003 quilters dream, purchased 1998.  I want to sell it to someone in our quilting club, what it it worth?

  6. Guest22776694

    I'm trying to find out the value of a Babylock Evolve serger. I may sell it to purchase the Evolution. Thanks

  7. Guest22557821


  8. Guest22307890

    Does anyone know the Blue book value of a Brother 2002Disney sewing machine?

    Does anyone know the Blue book value of a Bernina 440 QE?

  9. Guest21441299
    I'm thinking about buying a Old Kenmore #158.523 Model 52 with all acc. It comes with a cabinet and a chair with a drawer underneath. It has sat for 20 years. What is this machine worth?
  10. Guest21353085
    Wondering what the value of a Viking 990 purchased in 1988 and in great condition?
  11. Guest21353085
    Wondering what the value of a Viking 990 purchased in 1988 and in great condition?
  12. Guest21062258
    Bernina Aurora 440 QE What is the Blue Book Value
  13. Guest20630950
    what should I pay for an 8 yr old Husquvarna Viking "Rose" emboidery machine
  14. Guest20374885
    I have a baby lock serger 5260D what is it worth?
  15. Guest20347976
    I have my grandmothers 1938 White sewing machine. case is in good condition. machine needs so repair. Looking for a value to ask as we are putting it in a yard sale.
  16. Guest20140250
    resale value of pfaff 6232 sewing machine
  17. Guest19496441
    I have a Brother 1500D Sewing/Embroidery Machine. Can you tell me what I can sell it for. Thank you
  18. Guest19010155
    I'm looking for the wholesale/retail value of a Baby Lock Imagine serger. There are no accessories, & it's had light use. I think it was purchased around 1999-2000.
  19. Guest18223540
    im trying to find out if there is any worth to a Riccar sewing machine from early 1960's that is flipped in a table. Found in my parents attic

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