Service Crew Duties and Responsibilities

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I have my question regarding the duties and responsibilities of the crew members which serves for all the big organizations around the world. Although it is expected that they are quite courteous, but this does not happen in case of every place that we come across. For this reason I would like to know that what are the duties and responsibilities of the crew members in an organization.

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  1. Harry

     This is a very common concern that is being discussed by most of the customers, who are associated with some renowned organizations. Somehow, this is something which really depends where that service crew is working. But generally speaking, the duties are to serve the customer in an efficient, timely, and polite manner. "Polite" in the service industry kind of depends on the particular customer: you have to respond to their cues. Like, if they are a talker, then you should exchange pleasant talks or perhaps a little chat, depending on the context. On the other hand, for another customer, a little courteous talk like that would be intrusive and not welcome. Sometimes the customers tend to expect too much from the service staff. This is unfortunately a common problem in a large of customers. It is not likely that the customer is always right. A crew member at time tries best to keep the customer satisfied, but the customer doesn’t prove to be reasonable. The best thing to do in such case is bring them to the manager.

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    Service Crew Duties and Responsibilities?

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