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Dear Laurie,
I'm so  sorry my english ok!
I have written many times to Mr. Garry Kief, Mr. Gary Oye, Mark Hulett, but they did not respond, I am a fan of Barry Manilow for 35 years and never managed to buy a backstage pass or Platinum Package, why not meet and so I go to Las Vegas for the second time and not see Barry closely , or by 2 seconds.
I do Fan club BRAZILIANILOW'S IN BMIFC, and nobody can help me to see it by seconds?
I implorei for all they do for the reporter Beth Hilton.
Is so disappointing that I am not willing to go to Vegas, because neither my fan of Brazil has offered to help me.
Do you have a suggestion?
I pay whatever it takes to see it, any value their intituições help of charity.I love Barry, your voice, your humanitary.
hugs and thank you very much,


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  1. Mitchel

    Barry Manilow's official internet website is offering another prize contest. This time you can win 2 free tickets to see Barry perform live in concert and attend a private meet-and-greet with him after the show!
    The tickets would be functional for any show on his 2011 World tour.
    Sweepstakes ends on March 16th, 2011. Winner will be notified via email. For more information on the contest and to register for Barry's Search and Win site access this online source:

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