Section of paint turns white when wet!

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Section of paint turns white when wet!

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, One of the truly outstanding features of Wet Paint is its ability to clean, polish and protect the finish of a dirty vehicle without scratching any of its highly vulnerable surfaces. While most people would cringe at the mere thought of dirt and grime being massaged into the finish of an expensive vehicle, we suggest the following test to prove that Wet Paint really does work. Start the test by polishing an "inconspicuous area" such as a dirty spot under the hood or trunk lid, or behind a door opening. As you gain confidence, try polishing a dirty chrome wheel, a taillight lens or a lower quarter panel. It won’t be long till you’re boldly using Wet Paint on every hard, non-porous surface in sight, including the ones that really matter. In a few short minutes, the truth will become readily apparent: Under normal circumstances, washing a vehicle before polishing it is a total waste of time! Furthermore, you’ll soon begin to realize that previous car washings were the source of many of the scratches already on your vehicle! To elaborate–washing a car each time it’s dirty will eventually take its toll. Sooner or later, the paint will become dull and dry thanks to repeated applications of soap and water. To compound the crime, dry surfaces are much more susceptible to scratches than are surfaces protected by a slippery coat of Wet Paint. In time, a frequently washed vehicle will accumulate an infinite number of scratches called "feather scratches". Some of these are the result of high-pressure water equipment blasting dirt particles from the finish. Others originate during the scrubbing process; still others during the drying phase. As you’re about to find out, Wet Paint was specifically bred to resist scratches and is totally incapable of dulling a vehicle’s finish. On the contrary, you’re going to be fielding questions about the incredible shine on your vehicle, which will only make you wish you’d stumbled onto Wet Paint a lot sooner!

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