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Secretary desk - Maddox Tables Jamestown NY - I own a cherry wood secretary desk that was a gifted to my family many many years ago. Back side of the desk is unfinished and that is where the secretary desk has the manufacture's name, Maddox Tables, Jamestown, NY.

There is a word Mad OX and stamped logo of OX. There is also another red stamped mark that reads something like ANI MAR. There is also a number in white chalk that runs vertically along the back side. I think the number is something like 10090. Can you tell me how much this secretary desk is worth.

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  1. Jon Mani
    Well Maddox was known for making medium quality Colonial Revival reproductions. Most of the production was done in mahogany so i think your desk is mahogany and not cherry. You can get more information from this website: I don't think i can tell you the exact date but looking at when Maddox was around, i would say it was made somewhere between 1920 and 1950. The value will depend on exactly when it was made and the design, is it plain or is it fancy, and off course anything antique the condition really matters when determining the value. All Maddox reproductions were mass produced so the value will not be more than around 1200.

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