Information about the unofficial Elvis photographer, Sean Shaver

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Do you have any information about the unofficial Elvis photographer, Sean Shaver? Have started to collect his books and would like to know more details about him. Hope you can help.

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  1. Angelina

     As a freelance photographer, Sean Shaver enclosed Elvis at live performances and public appearances, as well as candidly, on a full-time cornerstone from 1967 to 1977. During this time, Shaver approximates that he took 75000-80000 pictures. He is a scriber of 13 publications encompassing his Elvis photographs. He took thousands if photos and video of Elvis. There is so much that many have yet to be developed. Thousands of images he took were retained in a protected area that he lost the combination to. It was shifted to a barn and the barn burned down decimating the undeveloped photos. Fans was obliged him large-scale thanks for his photos.
    Sean was only a couple of year’s junior than Elvis. He increased up throughout the identical times. He habitually conversed about how joyous he was that he occurred to be a teenager in the 50s and that he dropped in love with cameras and photography at an early age. His love of photography was second only to his love of being there throughout the astonishing life of Elvis Presley. As a little child his interest was taking photos with his little Kodak camera. He said numerous times that one time he directed his camera at Elvis he discovered out why cameras had been created in the first place. Over the next two decades he altered cameras some times and directed them at Elvis numerous thousands of times. By August 1977 he had amassed the finest personal collection of movie in the world of the man cast a vote the entertainer of the 20th century.

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