Scoring in sci dama

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What are the rules in playing the Filipino checkerboard game called dama, I am wondering for these details from last week. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query?

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  1. Angelina

     Sci-Damath is a line of strike and sound supplement, subtraction, multiplication and partition game between two players that is relished by students and scholars, from school room to home. Though the game of sci-damaths has taken numerous variations over its long time, today's pattern went into the digital age, as sport and tournaments are performed online and by email.
    Basically the directions in playing the Filipino checkerboard game called dama will be utilised with some modifications in incorporating Mathematics and Science as follows:
    1. Set the beginning places of the chips (refer to the granted benchmark for each sci-dama).
    2. After the beginning places of the chips have been set, the first contestant is very resolute by drawing lots.
    3. A portion is permitted to proceed diagonally ahead only to an adjacent to vacant square.
    4. A portion has to take the opponent\'s portion diagonally ahead or in turn around therefore \"pass\" is not allowed. Mathematical procedures (+,-, x, /) will be utilised counting on the vacant square\'s procedure emblem where the \"taker\" portion countries by leaping over after accomplishing the demonstrated mathematical procedure and notes identical in the tally sheet.
    5. In taking more than one portion, the \"taker\" portion is habitually the addend, minuend, multiplicand or bonus as the case may be.
    6. In taking a portion or more than one portion, the \"dama directions on \"dama\", \"mayor dalawa\" or tatlo\", \"mayor tatlo over dalawa\", \"mayor dama\" and \"mayor dalawa or tatlo over dama\" prevail.
    7. A portion is announced \"dama\" upon coming to terminally on the next designated squares:For red chips (0,7) (2,7) (4,7) (6,7)For azure chips (1,0) (3,0) (5,0) (7,0).
    8. A \"dama\" portion is permitted to take a portion or more than one portion or proceed to any unoccupied rectangle along its diagonal path. Moreover, a dama\'s tally is increase two-fold in taking a portion or chips, and quadrupled if it takes the opponent\'s dama chip. Similarly, a commonplace chips tally is increase two-fold id it takes a dama chip.
    9. A \"move\" (eg -> (6,3) is good only at the most for one minute encompassing its corresponding applications in the tally sheet; while the game\'s length is 20 minutes.
    10. The game finishes when any of the position occur: Repetitive proceeds of any or both players a contestant resigns a contestant has nothing less portion to precede The 20 minutes game length ended.
    11. The residual chips have to be supplemented to the respective player\'s total scores.
    12. The contestant with the lesser total tally is announced victor for whom he/she is deserving of one issue in the tally sheet of contestants or (0.5) issue in case of a draw. However , after the round-robin, the payer with the most built up points in the tally sheet will be announced the champion.
    13. Only one tally sheet is permitted to be carried out alternately by the two players whereby incorrect applications will be their responsibility.For farther inquiries or clarifications, inquire your Science educator about it.For the Sci dama board illustration.

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