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Sailing By was composed by Ronald Binge for a film. I am trying to find the film title. The Adventures of Sadie AKA Our Girl Friday involved a ship wreck and could be associated with sailing but I cannot confirm this. Want to know the title of the movie, as I cannot recall my memory and need help to know the title of the movie. Sort it out for me I hope you can really help me out.


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  1. John


    The most complete biography I could find on Ronald Binge was in It confirms that he wrote Sailing By, and that he wrote the score for Our Girl Friday, but it does not confirm that Sailing by was written for Our Girl Friday. Let me tell you another thing that Sailing By was a short musical. This short musical was made in the year 1963. It was also used for shipping broadcast on the world famous British Broadcast.

    Our Girl Friday or the Adventure of the Sadie was released in the year 1953 and it was a comedy movie. Our Girl Friday starred Joan Collins, George Cole, and Kenneth More. I have seen the movie and found it quite entertaining.

    None of the other sites I found had more than just a thumbnail bio of him. And just scattered information is available on some sites. I just ran out of places to search. I think you got the answer now.

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