Scope of teaching pakistan studies?

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I want to do MA in Pakistan Studies and want to be a teacher . Could you tell the scope of teaching Pakistan studies. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    The subject of Pakistan Studies has great importance for all Pakistanis. The subject starts from  grade three and continue till graduate and post-graduate programs. It is also a compulsory subject of competitive exams both at federal and provisional levels.
    It includes the culture, demographics, geography, history, and politics of Pakistan. The subject is widely researched in and outside the country. Most of the universities in Pakistan have departments and research centers committed to the Pakistan Studies. Therefore, many independent research institutes carry out multidisciplinary research on Pakistan Studies. There are many international organizations that are engaged in collaborative training, research, and exchange achievements on the subject.
    As the second largest South Asian country after India, and one of the principle actors in the politics of the Muslim world, the subject stays at the focal point of multidisciplinary studies. Many universities in the United Kingdom and the United States consist research districts busy in doing research related achievements on Pakistan Studies. One such case is the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, positioned since 1973. An affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies, the institute usually retains functions such as group dialogues, public lectures, and group assemblages on various themes related to the Pakistan Studies. It also offers every year worldwide fellowships for the research on materials relating to the history and way of life of Pakistan.

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    scope of pak studies

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