Scientist who contributed to chemistry and their contribution?

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Please tell me about the scientists who contributed in the field of chemistry. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    Here is the list of many scientists who contributed in the field of chemistry:

    Atul Kumar, (Born 1963), Indian chemist
    Emil Abderhalden, (1877–1950), Swiss chemist
    Richard Abegg, (1869–1910), German chemist
    Frederick Abel, (1827–1902), English chemist
    Friedrich Accum, (1769–1838),German chemist, advances in the field of gas lighting
    Homer Burton Adkins, (1892–1949), American chemist, known for work in hydrogenation of organic compounds
    Peter Agre, (1949-), American chemist and doctor, 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Georgius Agricola, (1494–1555), German scholar known as "the father of mineralogy"
    Arthur Aikin, (1773–1855), English chemist and mineralogist
    Adrien Albert, (1907–1989), Australian Medicinal Chemist
    Kurt Alder, (1902–1958), German chemist, 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Sidney Altman, (1939-), 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Christian B. Anfinsen, (1916–1995), 1972 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Angelo Angeli, an Italian Chemist
    Johan August Arfwedson, (1792–1841), Swedish chemist
    Anton Eduard van Arkel, (1893–1976), Dutch chemist
    Svante Arrhenius, (1859–1927), Swedish chemist, one of the founders of physical chemistry
    Francis William Aston, (1877–1945), 1922 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Amedeo Avogadro,(1776–1856), Italian chemist and physicist, discovered Avogadro Constant and Avogadro's law

    Stephen Moulton Babcock, (1843–1931), worked on the "single-grain experiment"
    Werner Emmanuel Bachmann, (1901–1951), American chemist, known for work in steroids and RDX
    Leo Baekeland, (1863–1944), Belgian-American chemist
    Adolf von Baeyer, (1835–1917), German chemist, 1905 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, synthesis of indigo
    Piero Baglioni, Italian Chemist
    Hendrik Willem Bakhuis Roozeboom, (1854–1907), Dutch chemist
    Allen J. Bard, (born 1933), 2008 Wolf Prize in Chemistry
    Neil Bartlett, (born 1932), English/Canadian/American chemist
    Sir Derek Barton, (1918–1998), 1969 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Fred Basolo, (1920–2007), American inorganic chemist
    Antoine Baum, (1728–1804), French chemist
    Karl Bayer, (1847–1904), Austrian chemist
    Johann Joachim Becher, (1635–1682), Developed the phlogiston theory of combustion
    Friedrich Konrad Beilstein, (1838–1906), German-Russian chemist, created Beilstein database
    Joseph Achille Le Bel, (1847–1930), French chemist, early work in sterochemistry
    Irina Beletskaya, (born 1933), Russian organometallic chemist
    Francesco Bellini (1947– ), research scientist, doctor in organic chemistry
    Paul Berg, (born 1926), 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Friedrich Bergius, (1884–1949), 1931 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Marcellin Berthelot, (1827–1907), French chemist, important work in thermochemistry
    Claude Louis Berthollet, (1748–1822), French chemist
    Jöns Jakob Berzelius, (1779–1848), Swedish chemist, coined the term "polymer" in 1833
    Johannes Martin Bijvoet, (1892–1980), Dutch chemist and crystallographer
    Joseph Black, (1728–1799), chemist
    Dale L. Boger, (born 1953), American organic and medicinal chemist
    Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran, (1838–1912), French chemist
    Jan Boldingh, (1915–2003), Dutch chemist
    Alexander Borodin, (1833–1887), Russian chemist & composer
    Hans-Joachim Born, German radiochemist
    Carl Bosch, (1872–1940), German chemist
    Jean-Baptiste Boussingault, (1802–1887), French chemist, agricultural chemistry
    Paul D. Boyer, (born 1918), 1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Robert Boyer, Employee of Henry Ford focus on soybean use.
    Robert Boyle, (1627–1691), English pioneer of modern chemistry
    Henri Braconnot, (1780–1855), French chemist and pharmacist
    Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted, (1879–1947), Danish chemist
    Herbert C. Brown, (1912–2004), 1979 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Eduard Buchner, (1860–1917), 1907 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, (1811–1899), German inventor, chemist, discovered the elements caesium and rubidium with Gustav Kirchoff and invented the Bunsen burner
    Adolf Butenandt, (1903–1995), 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Aleksandr Butlerov, (1828–1886), Russian chemist, discovered the formose reaction

  2. Guest10766218
    scientists and thier contribution to the nuclear energy?

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