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I remember see a movie in the 60s about a man trying to survive when the nuclear testing of the time caused the earth to twist off its axis and was slowly getting closer to the sun. I thought it stared Rod Taylor but I have found no trace of the movie or a listing that showed Taylor staring in such a movie. Do you the name of this movie? Someone please help me finding the title of this movie.

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  1. ZZ

     The best ever movie is Avatar. If you are looking for the best movie then Avatar is the best ever science fiction movie in the history. You are asking for a movie that is too old to be found but keep trying one day you surely will get onto your destination.

  2. jamiestone

    Cowboys and aliens

    Green lantern are science-fiction based movies.

  3. Guest23287548

    Hi there:

    That sounds like the plot for a lot of movies made in the late 50s and 60s, and Rod Taylor was in a lot of them. It also sounds like a familiar plot for a Twilight Zone or one of the popular Sci-Fi series in that era. Sorry I couldn't help more. A lot of the movies that were made were not released to videos, and a lot of them were made in Japan, and don't appear on the filmogrophies of the stars. I have been trying to get a copy of Message from Space, starring Vic Morrow, but it was never released to video, so there is no trace of it. It was one of my youngest son's favorite movies, and I thought it was hilarious because it was so camp. He was always angry at me for laughing at that film. I need to show it to him now, so he can see how funny it really was.
    If you can tell the names of some actors or the time when it was released or little more about the plot if this picture, then I can help you here.


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