Schools have too many rules. There should be fewer rules in school. Do you agree? Why or why not?

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this question is about rules in general. no specific ones.

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  1. Guest25293252

    There were too many rules at my high school.I got in trouble for the most harmless things and most of the time I didn't even know I was breaking any rules because there were so many of them!The students can't do anything without getting in trouble.

    It's not about safety.Laws are around to protect people,yes but also the more laws,the more fines an individual has to pay so the government can get more money out of you.Just like rules except for the fines,the more rules the more schools control you and get you in trouble because that's what some people are hired for.

  2. Guest22486813

    i agree has so many rules that sometimes u forget some of academys and all those high class schools

  3. Guest6330
    I don't see how any rules at schools are different than at home?
  4. Guest9935
    schools dont have too many rules. the rules they have set in place are the ones that keep people safe. you'll get the kids that say that the rules are stupid, but they arent looking at the big picture. if schools have too many rules than what do you call the laws? if drivers could go as fast as they could there'd be tons of accidents. that was solved with speed limits, which is a RULE of the road. its too vague of a question as well.
  5. Guest8140
    There's not enough info here. A school with no rules would almost certainly become a dystopian nightmare once the kids figured out they could beat each other up without consequences. There is clearly some point at which fewer rules make things worse.
  6. Guest6881
    rules keep people safe.

    i always say u have a choice either to follow the rule or not.

    otherwise kids wouldnt do anythign if there werent consequences - schools would be dirty a mess kids doing what they wanted and trackign of them would not happen.
  7. Guest6485
    No. For every infringement, there will be a rule. I vote for fewer infringements.
  8. Guest4072
    I agree.

    I left high school early because I knew I would not be able to stand another year there. It was so frustrating. They would randomly come up with most stupid, unnecessary rules. Oh, and half the time they never bothered to tell anyone. You found out when you got stopped in the hallway and given a saturday class because you had a pack of gum visible in your backpack or something.

    The rules that already existed....sheesh, it was like being in a prison minus all the raping and gang fights.
  9. Guest5204
    No, I think that rules are made for a reason. A lot of rules have to do with safety. Someone has to look out for the students.
  10. Guest4972
    How are there too many rules?
  11. Guest5376
    Ha, you think there are too many rules? What about laws.

    Rules and Laws keep people safe, they must remain if they are helping people. As long as people keep looking for loop holes, the more rules will result.

    These excessive rules keep your life private, and free from harassment.
  12. Guest2410
    i agree it is to much
  13. Guest4229
    Yes, I agree. I agree all the way. A lot of the rules are stupid and unnecessary.
  14. Guest694
    You may not want to hear the teacher/adult side of this argument, but...most of the rules are merely an introduction into the adult world. Dress codes and codes of conduct reflect the rules and laws you will face in the adult workforce world. Regardless of what job or profession you go into, there will be a dress code (unless, of course, you work at home); the piercings I see so many kids with are frowned upon in the work force. There are also sexual harassment laws and company policies do not allow profanity under these guidelines, as well. My oldest son always countered these isues by saying that following society is wrong in the sense that it disrespects the individual, but actually it does respect the individual in the fact that it attempts to eliminate harmful actions and words that would hurt others. Regardless of how you view society, the fact of the matter is it exists, and non-conformity does not benefit you, since society will bar you from working and put you in jail. The rules are there to "socialize" you, in that sense.

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