Scholarly Research on Anti-Vietnam War Related Music

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I am a 25 year old American grad student living in Viet Nam who is researching Vietnam War related protest music during the 1960s and 1970s with intent to be published in a scholarly History journal. I wonder if you might be able to help me as you seem to be a fan and have knowledge of the Monkees work. I have run into claims of the Last Train to Clarksville being a protest song espousing cryptic condemnation of the military draft but I am unable to verify the connection in a Hart or Boyce interview or scholarly source. I have found many websites that list the claims of Mr. Hart and Mr. Boyce of the song being of an anti-Vietnam nature but never from a concrete interview or relative research projects on Vietnam related protest music. Might you be able to recommend literature or a web based interview in which Mr. Hart, Mr. Boyce or other credible individuals talk about the matter, no matter how brief? If so it would greatly strengthen my research.

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  1. Harry

    It seems to be a constant statement in most resource areas I visited that Last Train to Clarksville was written to be a soldier asking his girlfriend to meet him one more time before he went to war. The line and I do not know if ever coming home is interpreted to be that the soldier did not know whether or not he will be killed in Vietnam. However, a specific interview with either the late Tommy Boyce or Bobby Hart that specifically had them saying that it was a song with Vietnam as an undertone, for some reasons could not be found.

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