Schedule for the Pacific Coast Touring Route in Australia

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Can I get the tour schedule for traveling around the route through Australian Pacific Coast? Please mention the day to day plan here. Thanks.

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  1. Australia Guide
    The Duration of the Pacific Coast Touring Routes is of 7 days starting from Sydney to Brisbane on the Pacific coast takes travelers through the Central Coast, Hunter, North Coast and Northern Rivers regions before crossing into southern Queensland in a diverse mix of towns, cities and glorious scenery. I have briefly detailed the tour schedule of the Pacific coast below: Day 1 - Sydney to Central Coast Day 2 - Central Coast to Port Stephens Day 3 - Port Stephens to South West Rocks Day 4 - South West Rocks to Coffs Harbour Day 5 - Coffs Harbour and Surrounds Day 6 - Coffs Harbour to Gold Coast Day 7 - Gold Coast to Brisbane

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